a Taste of Singapore

  The Lion city (Singapore) was a bit of a mystery for me before I decided to come here, for my exchange at Nanyang Technological University. If one thinks about South-east asian countries, one would naturally imagine countries with varying development, some quite rural, some more urbanised. But, it seems Singapore defies all of these characteristics, in fact, it is quite the opposite. Singapore has … Continue reading a Taste of Singapore

Summer Make-Up Routine

I used to wear very simple make up back in high school, just enough to cover some blemishes here and there, in general just feel more confident. Nowadays, I really enjoy the whole thing and I feel truly creative experimenting with different shades, depending on my mood and outfits. En el bachillerato/ secundaria, yo solía usar un maquillaje muy simple, en general solo para sentirme … Continue reading Summer Make-Up Routine