Winter cleansing routine + post holidays treatments

Hi everyone!!! So after eating my bodyweight in food this Christmas my complexion feels congestioned and in need of some detox In this post I’ll tell you a bit more about the products I am currently using and some treatments I absolutely love. Here is my facial cleansing routine:     1- Removing Make up: I am using Garnier bi-facial with argan oil eanser to remove … Continue reading Winter cleansing routine + post holidays treatments

Living Abroad- What they don’t tell you

eight months ago, I packed my bags again and took a 13hrs flight to immerse myself in a new experience on the other side of the world… again. My study placement in Singapore has been one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. Right now, I find it really difficult to explain only with words how this experience has changed me. I believe I have … Continue reading Living Abroad- What they don’t tell you

So cool Seoul

Seoul was delightful !! Going straight from the Philippines all the way to Seoul (the capital of South Korea!) was kind of shocking, I went from flip-flops and bikinis to trousers, trainers and cardigans. In addition, Seoul is such a huge city and also highly populated. We went from riding motorbikes (more like tricycles) and staying in bungalows right in front of the beach, to high-technology … Continue reading So cool Seoul

Seoul inspired

  Photographer: Francesca Sopla. Instagram:whadoyouwant Actually, I got this whole outfit  (except the shoes) from little boutiques in Seoul but, I found similar ones for you in the following shops V-neck Dungaree: similar one on Sweater: similar one Shoes: Nine West. Similar ones on Shades: similar ones on I actually did the make up myself using some new products from Clio, A make up … Continue reading Seoul inspired


Philippines is so underrated, I didn’t hear much about the Philippines before going to South East Asia, one normally hears about Thailand, Indonesia maybe Vietnam, but not much its said about Philippines and I found it so beautiful and exotic. Few friends and I stayed at El Nido. The journey was kind of long to be honest. In my case, I arrived to Manila on friday … Continue reading Philippines


WONDERFUL and MAGICAL, If I had to choose 2 words to describe Bali, it would be those 2. Bali has such a good vibe. That place was truly magical. My friends and I went to Bali on April, the weather was pretty great at that time to be honest, and we stayed for 6 days I really liked how things are still so traditional. How they keep … Continue reading Bali