Seoul inspired



Photographer: Francesca Sopla. Instagram:whadoyouwant

Actually, I got this whole outfit  (except the shoes) from little boutiques in Seoul but, I found similar ones for you in the following shops

V-neck Dungaree: similar one on

Sweater: similar one

Shoes: Nine West. Similar ones on

Shades: similar ones on

I actually did the make up myself using some new products from Clio, A make up brand I actually discovered while shopping in Myeongdong, Seoul. I never heard from this brand before but the shop was so chic so I thought, “this has to be good!!” and surprise surprise…. I was right! the brand is very popular in South Korea and I’m not surprised, Clio has a huge variety of products, from cleansing to lipsticks and brushes. I found these products to be super good and long-lasting. Moreover, they offer a waterproof range.  

The red lipstick is from Missha (another S.Korean brand) I have never found a red lipstick that fits me as well as this one does, and it stays on forever as well. Also, its brush make it really easy to apply, I used the lip liner on the same colour to define my lips and then fill them with the Matte Lipstick, which also dries up very quickly.

I’ll be featuring all these new products in the next beauty post so stay tune!!

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