Philippines is so underrated, I didn’t hear much about the Philippines before going to South East Asia, one normally hears about Thailand, Indonesia maybe Vietnam, but not much its said about Philippines and I found it so beautiful and exotic.

Few friends and I stayed at El Nido. The journey was kind of long to be honest. In my case, I arrived to Manila on friday early afternoon and I decided to spend the night there, before taking my flight to Puerto Princesa on Saturday. However, I didnt walk around much as everyone told me Manila was not really safe, especially for girls.

Then, when we arrived to Puerto Princesa on Saturday afternoon, we rented a van for around 400 pesos (9$) to take us to El Nido. the journey took around 6 hours and the road was so bumpy, but I have to say: It was really worth it! I didn’t stay downtown in El Nido, but in Coron Coron, which is like 3-5mins by motorbike from EL Nido. I think the beach in Coron was a lot nicer, you could really appreciate the sunset from there and there were a lot less tourists and fewer boats, which made it really peaceful and quiet.

In El Nido, we did tours A and C, they included the lagoons, secret beach, hidden beach and others with amazing spots to do snorkelling. We heard they were the most popular ones, so we decided to try those. tours B and D take you to snake beach and other small beaches as well.

When in El Nido, visit: Las Cabanas, downtown El Nido, Coron Coron and Nacpan Beach.

After spending 6 nights in El Nido, we went back to Puerto Princesa. From there, we took a tour to the underground river, which was absolutely worth it as well, it was really interesting and beautiful going into the cave. You would need to book in advance and going with a tour is actually worth it because you won’t have to wait too long, (we waited around 1.30hrs overall, without a pre-booked tour, you’ll have to wait a lot more)

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