WONDERFUL and MAGICAL, If I had to choose 2 words to describe Bali, it would be those 2.

Bali has such a good vibe. That place was truly magical. My friends and I went to Bali on April, the weather was pretty great at that time to be honest, and we stayed for 6 days

I really liked how things are still so traditional. How they keep making handmade clothing, coffee, wood decorations, even harvesting rice, Indonesians have strong rice agriculture traditions.  We went to the rice terraces and the landscape there was breathtaking.

More importantly, FOOD! I cannot get over how delicious Indonesian food is! Balinese cuisine in particular is based on the use of variety of spices, blended with fish or meat and vegetables. Some of the dishes we tried were Satay Lilit, Nasi Kuning and Lawar (sorry if I spelled some of them wrong)

We decided to stay in Seminyak, but we went to Ubud for a day. On our way there we stopped at a place where they make Batiks (traditional clothes). Also, visited a coffee plantation, where they make Kopi Luwak, which is not a different type of coffee but a different way of production. Lastly, we arrived to the Monkey forest, as they name says it, it was full of monkeys that would do anything to get some food from you, even pull your hair.

After spending a couple of nights in Seminyak, we left to Gili Trawangan for 3 nights. We found a super cute bungalow right in front of the beach, and if you have been following me on snapchat @andreatorresd, you probably saw how truly amazing the beach was. We went snorkeling and saw so many turtles and beautiful types of fish and colourful corals.

Check the pictures below 🙂

Bali is definitely a must go!! so if you have the chance, DONT hesitate to visit

and ….. Don’t forget to leave your comments below ↓↓

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Coming next …. Philippines

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