Exploring Malaysia

Hello everyone, many of you might already know that I am currently on exchange in Singapore. You can check the latest post about my fave spots in Singapore by clicking here.

Whilst living in Singapore has been an amazing experience, it has also given me the opportunity to travel to other beautiful countries, such as Malaysia.

On my first trip to Malaysia I went to Kuala Lumpur. Then, my second trip was to  Penang. On my third trip, I visited Perhentian islands.

In KL (Kuala lumpur) I stayed for only a couple of days, I think maybe another 2 days would have been the perfect time to cover most attractive places in KL with no rush. I took a short flight from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. However, during these couple of days I got to see few interesting touristic places. such as, the twin towers, Bukit Bintang, Thean Hou Temple and the Hindu temple in the Batu Caves.


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The second trip to Penang was very easy-going,  I went with a friend and we decided to take a flight straight from Singapore to Penang airport and then take a taxi from the airport to the north part of the island, called Batu Ferringhi. We decided to stay in Batu Ferringhi because, we were told it had the best beaches in Penang and it is an area with very artisanal activities and local traditional restaurants.

However, the capital of Penang is Georgetown, where we spent an afternoon walking around the city. Later, we ended up having tapas at a nice harbour-front bar called Muchacha

Our overall experience in Penang was great! We stayed at Roomies Suites, which I would describe as: super affordable luxury. The overall value of this hotel was pretty good. We only had breakfast there and it was nothing fancy but delicious and they offered us western as well as,  traditional Malaysian food.

The staff was very helpful and friendly and, at only  5 mins walk from the beach, its location was super convenient, there are many other convenient stores around this area, like 7/11, currency exchanger, beauty salons and many local restaurant and cafés.

There is also a Hard Rock Cafe and other franchises such as Starbucks and McDonalds.However, my favourite was the night market, where we found traditional clothing, accessories and street food.


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Our trip to Perhentian Islands was a bit more complicated, only because getting there is a bit hectic.

We took a flight from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. Then, from KL to Kota Bahru. We stayed one night in Kota Bahru  as our flight arrived late at night. The next morning we took a taxi to a harbour called Kuala Besut, where there are boat services to Perhentian Islands.

You could also take buses instead of flights. I found this page quite useful when planning my trip.

There are actually 2 Perhentian islands. Pulau (which means island in Malay) Perhentian Kecil and Pulau Perhentian Besar. the latest is where you can find nice resorts and is more family oriented. Whilst, Pulau Kecil is more of a destinations for couples and backpackers.

We didn’t book a hotel in advance, but rather looked for one once we got there and it was absolutely fine. However, we went when it was still low season (mid-march) so we had plenty of options.

One of our favourite parts of this trip was the diving trip at Romantic beach. We saw beautiful corals, different types of fish and stingrays. It was absolutely Beautiful! We did it with a company called Ombak Divers that you can find on facebook and I highly recommend it.

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In Pulau Kecil there are no ATMs and relatively no mobile phone signal, only one provider actually works in these Islands. Also, WiFi and internet connections are not good either. SO … be prepared to forget about the world in these beautiful Islands.


If you want more details on any of these trips, let me know in the comments section below ↓

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