Shanghai ~ 上海


My time in Shanghai has been one of the most amazing and enriching experiences I have had so far. My work as an intern gave me great knowledge, which I know will be super useful in the future. But, I have already talked about my internship, so now I just wanted to tell you more about…

S-H-A-N-G-H-A-I!! This city is just inspiring!


Shanghai is called by the locals the ‘Beautiful Lady’ and by some others ‘ the Paris of the East’. I couldn’t agree more, Shanghai is vibrant, fast-paced, chic and there is always something going on, from fashion shows to art exhibitions and even music festivals, this city welcomes the world by having something for every taste.

I was very lucky to have met such amazing people during my time in Shanghai and thanks to them I was able to make unforgettable memories in this Super city! ( You are amazing guys! )

Shanghai has something I cannot quite describe, I loved it and hated it at the same time. The most surprising thing is that, most people that lives or has lived there would (probably) agree with me on this. I will always have a part of Shanghai with me. It was a place in which, I was able to open myself to new perspectives and this somehow helped me to find out what I wanted. But, when the city got too overwhelming, I could always go with the flow and lose myself in the huge crowd of the city.


Shanghai – sweetlabel









Some facts about Shanghai:

Ritz Carlton terrace
Ritz Carlton terrace
  • Shanghai is written in Chinese as 上海 (shang-hai). It is the largest city in China and it has a population of over 19.1million. it is China’s largest financial and business centre and it is also one of the main cultural centres in China.
  • The city maintains part of its colonial legacy together with chinese culture, creating a blend of Western and Eastern cultures.
  • From Shanghai, it is easy to travel to Xi’an, where you can see the Terracotta army and to Beijing, to visit the Great wall of China and the Forbidden city.



In my opinion, the best seasons to visit Shanghai is during autumn and spring when the weather is
pleasant. However, in terms of cost maybe winter (really cold!) and summer (hot and humid!) would be the best times.





Points of Interest:

Yu Yuan - Gardens
Yu Yuan – Gardens
  • Yu Gardens
  • Xintiandi
  • French concession
  • People’s square
  • The Bund
  • JIng’an temple
  • Shanghai History Museum
  • Shanghai World Financial Center
Finance Centre
Finance Centre















Do you have any favourite spots in Shanghai??

Let me know in the comments below ↓


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